For people who love gifts, it’s always a delight to wait in anticipation to see what one would be surprised with, right? Be it for marking a special celebration or perhaps out of the blues. Out of the blues, definitely breath-taking! And getting something you really desire, wow! Sweeps you off your feet!

Some gifts come in packages which makes it easy to guess the content and whereas there are other gifts that come in unusual packages that no matter the length of time given to guess, you may never be able to tell the content. Similarly, children are gifts in human form, in very special packages waiting to be unwrapped.

There are some whose talents and uniqueness show up almost immediately after the child is born. However, there are many others who will take time to unfold; most of who are mistaken for dullards, with no talent, gift or uniqueness to show the world. So, whether easily visible or still hidden, every child is a unique being in his or her own special package. And this is not even determined by the circumstances surrounding their birth. They are gifts and should be treated as such.

The same way most of us are with gifts, we desire something and want nothing short of it, utterly disappointed if we receive a gift less than or different from what we wanted or requested. We don’t see or want to embrace the value of that gift.  So also, we treat our gifts in human forms the same way.

Some are blinded to the uniqueness of this gift in human form sometimes because there are possibly dominant and strong traits in the family line and for this particular child to totally not be exhibiting that strength or unable to at least learn it, that child is seen to be without any uniqueness or somewhat useless. This has caused many children to die slowly, unable to embrace their true self.  Why? There is a family trend, this is what we have been wired to do, and it’s in our blood. You can’t step out of it. Limiting, isn’t it?

Also, our minds have been cultured to think there are certain expertises that show talent. Talent hunt shows have been streamlined to probably singing, dancing and the likes etc but there are many more, for example not many people see the ability to solve mathematical problems as a unique gift (you will agree with me that very many people struggle with simple mathematics in school), or the ability to remain calm and think clearly and act rightly in a seemingly chaotic situation as any gift at all, or the ability to think in different dimensions and proffer best solutions at all times as a gift, or perhaps the ability to draw people to oneself in friendships thus creating a sort of influence, is seen as a talent or uniqueness. This even leads to the fact that only the talents that can fetch quick or at least enough money to survive, or get you fame should be considered talent or uniqueness.

Many children, although born with a clean mind slate, fall short of their uniqueness in the bid to measure up with the standards their family and society have set ahead of them. They immediately fall victims of the get rich quick schemes and mad rush for fame or at least survive as they develop into young adults, forgetting they were special packages wrapped up with something unique or many types of uniqueness to give to their world and ultimately, gain fulfillment from.

Instead of guessing what the package of that child is, why not wait in anxious anticipation of what is to be unfolded as you carefully unwrap the parcel? The good thing about this particular parcel is that it unfolds as the years go by so you just need to take care of this gift, value what you have, embrace their uniqueness and help them function accordingly. It will be wrong to use what’s meant as a toothbrush for a toilet brush, won’t it?  It definitely won’t fit and will not perform as well if it was used for its purpose instead.

The different uniqueness operating in their exact places,  not undermined, compared or judged by circumstances or by what we have preconditioned our minds to, will definitely make the world a more interesting, beautiful and fulfilling place, with children enjoying their uniqueness and using it rightly and on the long run evolving into balanced and healthy adults.


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Benedicta Apeh
Benedicta Ngozi Apeh is one who is very passionate and enthusiastic about what she does and sets her heart to do. She is a resourceful and dynamic team player with the ability to also work independently. An experienced Program Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. Skilled in Nonprofit organizations, program development and community service. A strong community and social services professional with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Science  degree in Biology from University of Abuja. Currently the Program Officer of Flickers of Hope Foundation. A writer whose desire is to change, encourage, nurture and impact lives by her pen, and one who always looks forward to the attainment of success and fulfillment in her chosen career through continuous learning and harnessing of all available opportunities for growth.
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