As we join the world to celebrate the 2021 International Women’s Day, we cannot but remember the many challenges that women and girls have to go through all over the world, and in most cases because of their gender.  Bringing it home to our country, Nigeria, many women at the early stages of their lives as girl-children were relegated to the background by culture, many have been victims of wars or insurgency and have had to flee their homes. Others have been battered and almost lost their lives in different forms of violence. Most prevalent is that many are not even given an equal chance to education like their male siblings and counterparts. Being denied an opportunity to any form of education has made matters worse, as they are denied a chance to a better life. A number of women are being swept away with this tide and have become voiceless, crippled from being their very best. However, many have been able to conquer despite it all. That’s the reason we celebrate because women are forging ahead more than ever, stronger than before.

We cannot but celebrate women around the world that have chosen to challenge the status quo above all else. They have risen beyond borders and limitations to achieve great things, impact and better the lives of the people around them. They have taken up huge leadership responsibilities in their families, organizations, corporate and private enterprises and more than ever in local and international political offices, which wasn’t the case before. We do not just celebrate woman whose names have become well-known around the world, but to every woman, wife, mother, daughter, friend who regardless of life hurdles have managed to soar victoriously through life. To every strong woman, we celebrate you!

Still, we choose to join the world to speak out against gender bias and inequality. No girl or woman should be discriminated against or made to operate below their capacity. They should be given all the necessary support to soar. We speak up for a world that is inclusive and permits everyone to pursue and achieve their dreams without hindrance. No bias. No inequality.

For us at Flickers of Hope Foundation, we believe that education gives one a platform and opportunity to soar. Therefore, more than ever, we advocate for access and quality education for women and girls which will serve as a stepping stone to the actualization of all their dreams and goals, and the unveiling of their potentials. We also challenge every woman and every girl around the world to rise up and take responsibility for their lives, rise above all odds and challenges, and be all that they want to be.



To all women around the world, we celebrate you!

Stay strong!

Keep challenging the status quo!

Keep soaring!

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Benedicta Apeh
Benedicta Ngozi Apeh is one who is very passionate and enthusiastic about what she does and sets her heart to do. She is a resourceful and dynamic team player with the ability to also work independently. An experienced Program Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. Skilled in Nonprofit organizations, program development and community service. A strong community and social services professional with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Science  degree in Biology from University of Abuja. Currently the Program Officer of Flickers of Hope Foundation. A writer whose desire is to change, encourage, nurture and impact lives by her pen, and one who always looks forward to the attainment of success and fulfillment in her chosen career through continuous learning and harnessing of all available opportunities for growth.
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