2020 March Teens Leadership Club Meeting-Raising Leaders!


We had our ‘Career day’ in the month of March. Our Teens were taught on how to choose a career (with focus on their strengths and passion) and pursue it.

Our Teens excitedly took turns in their presentation in different groups, on their various career choices- their job descriptions and the reason for their choices.  We had a wide variety of Career choices; Teachers, Medical Doctors (Histo-pathologist, Pediatrician, Gynaecologist), Surgeons (Orthopaedic surgeons), Soldiers, Technicians, Nurses, Engineers (Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Robotic), Footballers, Actress, Lawyers, Accountants, Tailor, Scientist etc

Our meeting for the day ended with celebrating our Teens born in the month of March. We wish them a better year ahead and that they soar very high in life.

Happy Birthday March Teens!          The Accountants        The Actress            The Footballers

Other Career presentations in various groups: the Lawyers, Paediatric Doctor, Robotic Engineer, Orthopaedic Surgeon and Technician respectively

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