NECO releases 2023 SSCE results, with 67.35% scoring 5 credits in English & Maths


The National Examinations Council (NECO) has released the results of the external 2023 November/December Senior School Certificate Examination with a notable achievement of 67.35% of candidates scoring five credits and above in both English Language and Mathematics. The Registrar, Professor Dantani Wushishi, made the official announcement at the NECO headquarters in Minna, Niger State. The exam took place from November 20 to December 20, 2023, and the results were released just 67 days after the conclusion of the examination.


Out of the 74,950 candidates who registered for the exam, 39,213 (52.31%) were males and 35,737 (47.68%) were females. Of these registrants, 74,342 candidates actually sat for the exams, with 38,867 (52.28%) being males and 35,475 (47.71%) females. In the English Language exam, 73,124 candidates participated, out of which 55,272 (75.59%) scored Credit and above. For the Mathematics exam, 73,119 candidates sat for it, and an impressive 67,815 (92.75%) achieved Credit and above. Notably, 50,066 candidates (67.35%) attained five credits or more, including English Language and Mathematics, while 62,530 candidates (84.11%) secured five credits and above regardless of English Language and Mathematics.


Furthermore, the number of candidates involved in malpractice was 8,518, demonstrating a decrease of 25.4% compared to the previous year. Specific cases included two whole centers in Kaduna and Ogun States, two supervisors in Oyo and Lagos States being blacklisted for poor supervision and aiding malpractice, and one center in Borno State also blacklisted for aiding and abetting by sharing messages through WhatsApp.


In addition to the exam results, NECO introduced a new e-Posting Software aimed at addressing the issues associated with staff postings for out-of-station assignments. The software aims to streamline the process and eliminate complaints related to favoritism or lopsidedness in staff assignments. By digitalizing the process, the new software will provide each staff member with information at the beginning of the year about the type and number of assignments they are eligible for, along with the designated place of assignment. This move is intended to make the posting process more efficient and transparent, ensuring fairness and reducing grievances among staff members.


The release of the 2023 NECO November/December SSCE results showcases the academic performance of candidates, with a significant percentage attaining high marks in critical subjects like English Language and Mathematics. The use of technology in staff postings also demonstrates NECO’s commitment to modernizing its operations and ensuring a more transparent and efficient process for staff assignments. These developments reflect NECO’s efforts to improve the examination processes and staff management systems for better outcomes and increased credibility.

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