WHY WOMEN EMPOWERMENT?  (Part 2) International Women’s Day 2024


Empowering women in a nation is not just a matter of promoting gender equality; it is also a strategic and essential step for social, economic, and political progress.

The world is facing many crises, ranging from geopolitical conflicts to soaring poverty levels and the escalating impacts of climate change. These challenges can only be addressed by solutions that empower women. By investing in women, we can spark change and speed the transition towards a healthier, safer, and more equal world for all.

If current trends continue, more than 342 million women and girls could be living extreme poverty by 2030. To ensure women’s needs and priorities are considered, governments must prioritize gender-responsive financing and increase public spending on essential services and social protection.

Policymakers must also value, recognize, and account for the vital contribution women make to economies worldwide through paid and unpaid care work. Women spend around three times more time on unpaid care work than men and if these activities were assigned a monetary value they would account for more than 40 per cent of GDP.



Here are several reasons why empowering women is crucial for the development of a nation:

  1. Economic Growth:
    • Women’s empowerment contributes significantly to economic growth. When women are actively involved in the workforce, it expands the labor market, increases productivity, and fosters economic development.
  2. Education and Skills Development:
    • Empowering women through education and skills development enhances their capacity to contribute meaningfully to society. Educated women are more likely to make informed decisions about their health, family planning, and overall well-being.
  3. Health and Well-being:
    • Empowered women are more likely to have access to healthcare, leading to improved family health. Investing in women’s health and well-being has a positive ripple effect on the entire community.
  4. Social Stability:
    • Empowering women helps promote social stability by reducing gender-based violence and discrimination. It fosters a more inclusive and equitable society, leading to better community cohesion.
  5. Political Representation:
    • Women’s empowerment includes their participation in political processes. Having women in decision-making positions ensures diverse perspectives, contributes to more comprehensive policies, and fosters a more representative and inclusive government.
  6. Reduced Poverty:
    • Women often make up a significant portion of the impoverished population. Empowering women economically by providing them with opportunities for entrepreneurship, education, and employment helps break the cycle of poverty.
  7. Innovation and Creativity:
    • Diverse perspectives lead to innovation and creativity. Empowering women in various sectors fosters a richer and more dynamic environment for problem-solving and innovation.
  8. Family and Community Development:
    • Women play a crucial role in the development of families and communities. When empowered, women can make more informed decisions about family planning, education for their children, and community welfare.
  9. Gender Equality:
    • Empowering women is a fundamental step towards achieving gender equality. It challenges societal norms and stereotypes, promoting a more just and equal society where individuals, regardless of gender, have equal opportunities and rights.
  10. Global Competitiveness:
    • Nations that actively empower women are more likely to be globally competitive. Utilizing the full potential of the population, regardless of gender, enhances a nation’s ability to adapt, innovate, and compete in a rapidly changing world.

In summary, empowering women is not only a matter of justice and equality but also a strategic investment in a nation’s social, economic, and political progress. It leads to stronger, more resilient communities and contributes to sustainable development.

FOH believes in women empowerment! Reaching over 800 women in our goal to empower as many women in our community as we can, knowing that the empowerment of a woman is progress to a family, community and nation. And we are not stopping, together let’s empower more women.

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Reference: United Nations Women

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