Teens Club Meeting March 2024 : Games, Fun, and Learning Extravaganza



The primary goal of the Teen Club meeting, held on Saturday the 2nd of March 2024 in Bwari FCT Abuja was to provide a dynamic and engaging platform for teenagers to come together, foster building of right values among the young generation, and blend entertainment with learning through a series of games and activities.

Major Highlights:

  1. Leadership Training: Focused on Time discipline. Interacting with our teens on how to manage and be disciplined with their time, knowing that this is an important factor in achieving lasting success.
  2. Spelling Game Challenge: This game brought out the competitive and team-work spirits in our teens, as selected Teens volunteered themselves to represent their different groups in a spelling contest. Teens competed in spelling a series of quick words requiring skill and precision, also making creative sentences with the words. It was fun and learning all at once, with the best team winning the game.
    • The lighthearted competition brought laughter and energy to the event.

Feedback and Reflection:

The feedback from our teens was overwhelmingly positive. Obviously, it was a time well-spent. Many expressed appreciation for the diverse range of activities that catered to various interests and skills. The mix of fun and learning created an environment where teens felt comfortable, inspired, and connected with their peers.


The Teen Club meeting successfully achieved its goal of combining games, fun, and learning. It provided a platform for teens to bond, learn new things, and enjoy themselves in a supportive and inclusive environment. The meeting’s success underscores the importance of incorporating diverse activities that cater to the interests and developmental needs of teenagers.

Our teens also eagerly indicated interests to be a part of various groups for future games and competitions.

We excitedly welcomed 19 new members. We are grateful to our dear parents for releasing their children to be a part of our teens club! We are keeping the excitement alive for our next meeting.đź’Şđź‘«


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