Enhancing Education: UBEC Launches Effective Schools Programme


The Nigerian Federal Government has launched the Effective Schools Programme (ESP) to improve the quality of education nationwide. Dr. Hamid Bobboyi, Executive Secretary of the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC), has tasked State Universal Basic Education Boards (SUBEB) chairmen with implementing the programme to enhance teaching, learning conditions, and educational outcomes in schools.

The ESP, conceived by UBEC, aims to assess the effectiveness of minimum standards in Universal Basic Education (UBE) delivery. Over the next six years, the programme seeks to progressively elevate these standards in all Nigerian schools. Participating schools are expected to improve the quality of their UBE services and strive to become outstanding educational institutions.

Addressing a meeting of UBEC with SUBEB chairmen from the 36 states and FCT, Bobboyi highlighted immediate actions post-programme launch, including the distribution of instructional materials, installation of satellite-based education systems, and staff training. He stressed the importance of meeting minimum standards in basic education as the programme advances.

Bobboyi outlined the initiative’s evolution, starting with the establishment of smart schools in each state capital, equipped with modern technology and digital pedagogy. The programme aims to systematically upgrade existing schools to ensure effective teaching and learning across all levels.

Implementation of the ESP is expected to result in significant investments in improving learning conditions and processes, ultimately producing basic education graduates equipped with essential life skills for the 21st-century knowledge economy. UBEC’s focus on enhancing crucial aspects of UBE delivery demonstrates its commitment to achieving improved educational outcomes.

Through the ESP, UBEC aims to assist SUBEBs in implementing minimum standards in schools previously designated as e-learning centres, aiming to establish Centers of Excellence and enhance inputs and processes for teaching and learning across schools.

Prof. Shehu Adaramaja, Dean of SUBEB Chairmen, believes that transitioning the e-learning programme into the Effective Schools Programme will enhance educational outcomes for Nigerian students. He expects that full implementation of smart education initiatives will elevate Nigeria’s literacy ranking in Africa, establishing the country as a leader in educational excellence.

Reference-Nigerian Tribune

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