Every week, FOH unveils amazing and extraordinary personalities, those who love education or support its cause and those who education has helped to soar and shape their current realities.
Guess what? The celebration of the International Women’s day is still in the air so we cannot but  celebrate an outstanding woman among many women doing so many great things in so many different ways!
Meet our personality for the week, Pastor Morin Osunmakinde (Pmo). Why is she on our spotlight this week?

Morin Osunmakinde, fondly known as Pmo! is an inspiring and resourceful woman, motivated by the spirit and the word of God to effectively and strategically influence both men and women of every carder to understand, acknowledge and appreciate their God given assignment. She is currently the serving president of BABES Redefined a Body set up to help women to define their purpose. She is the serving pastor of The Baptizing Church (TBC ) Out Of Zion, Lagos. She has been able to do this through the ministry of the word, prayer, practical and ethical approaches and solutions to life’s challenges and has reached over 85,000 women.

She is a certified customer service facilitator, a life coach, and an entrepreneur. She is the Convener of The Leading Women Conference; A conference aimed towards equipping leading women with the tools required to make them stand tall in their given assignment. Interacting with Pmo is life changing.

All these roles and assignments she has fit into by acquiring the right knowledge and education.

Her thoughts on Education:

Education has shaped my life. Education has greatly helped in broadening my mind and helped in reaching where I am today.  I believe so strongly in acquiring knowledge, I believe so strongly in gaining wisdom.

We share the same thoughts, education is definitely a tool and platform!

Join us this week as we celebrate this ICON. Cheers!

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