Government should tackle insecurity, protect children, students appeal


As Nigeria joins the rest of the world to celebrate Children’s Day, students have appealed to the Federal Government to tackle insecurity in schools and create an enabling environment for displaced students in the north to return to school. They spoke with Gbenga Akinfenwa.

Govt. should come up with strategies to end kidnapping, insecurity in schools
It is unfortunate that students are victims of kidnapping in our country today. I use this year’s Children’s Day celebration to appeal to the government to see to the safety and protection of students.

I also call on the Federal government to come up with proactive security strategies that would put an end to the problem.
Necessary communication equipment and transport facilities should be made available for security personnel.

Displaced students should be given sufficient opportunity to go on with their learning.
Government must ensure that they continue their education.
Baqeeyah Adeteru, Peace Foundation International College, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Displaced students in the North should be settled to continue learning
NIGERIA is in a period of crisis. Kidnapping of school children makes me sad. On this occasion of Children’s Day, I want the Federal and state Governments to work together with utmost commitment to find solution to attack on schools.

All government-approved security agencies can be constituted into a network to provide adequate security. Government should also relocate displaced students in the North, so that they can continue their education. Learning centres can be created to enable them go back to school. Their right to education should be respected.
Maria Adekunle, Peace Foundation International College, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Kidnappers should be sentenced to death
STUDENTS have become soft targets for kidnappers in recent times. Schools are no more safe, yet government at all levels continues to treat the problem of insecurity with kid gloves. I want the problem of kidnapping addressed in schools.

Government should come out with seminars and other methods to teach students on how to stay safe and secured in the hands of kidnappers. These would enable them walk freely without fear of being kidnapped. Government should also promulgate laws that will stipulate death penalty for kidnappers.

Also, government should give priority attention to displaced children from the north that has been deprived qualitative education, to bridge the wide education gap between the region and the south. New methods should be introduced to ensure they return to school to fulfill their dreams.
Oluwatosin Abolarin, S.S.S 3A, Methodist High School, Arigbajo, Ogun State.

We Need Adequate Security In Schools
IT pains to hear about displaced students in the north and attack on schools, with no solution in sight. Students in Nigeria are no longer safe like their colleagues in other countries. It is unfortunate that we now study in an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty, causing us psychological trauma.

My request to government is to ensure that adequate security is provided in schools to allow displaced children return to school. I am also appealing to government to address the rising cases of kidnapping of school children, to keep us safe as future leaders of Nigeria.
Emmanuella Romanus, J.S.S, Brainfield Schools, Abule-Egba, Lagos State.


There should be regular orientation on how students can stay safe
THE major problem facing the country today is insecurity, which has snowballed into kidnapping of students. My request to government is to ensure that culprits are prosecuted to serve as deterrent to others.

Government should also ensure that schools provide adequate security for students, while there should be regular orientation on how students can stay safe from kidnappers.

Government should also address learning disruptions in some northern states, relocate displaced persons and make learning continues. Government should find a way to ensure that schools in the north are opened to students.
Olabanji Areola, J.S.S 2, Brainfield Schools, Abule-Egba, Lagos State.

There should be proper counseling, programmes for students on security
AS we mark this year’s Children’s Day, I want government to address the issue of insecurity, especially in schools. Parents are now worried because kidnappers are targeting schools. I want government to create awareness, organise programmes in schools on how children can be security conscious, especially when in school. Schools should also provide adequate security to safeguard their students.

Also, government should look into the plight of displaced students in the north, who have left their schools for years. New methods of studying should be introduced like online classes. Government should provide security gadgets in schools in the region; proper counseling and programmes should also be introduced to help our psyche.
Grace Ozokolie, Chrismeon International College, Ekoro, Abule-Egba, Lagos State.Government should set up online learning for displaced students
IN commemoration of this year’s Children’s Day, I am appealing to government to address the issue of kidnapping in schools. Steps should be taken to ensure that kidnappers are brought to book. Government should also work closely with schools by providing necessary support in terms of security to keep the students safe at all times.

Online teaching method for displaced children in the north should be set up to enable learning resume in the region. And to encourage those who have lost interest in education, scholarship can be introduced.
Sarah Ogunyankinnu, Chrismeon International College, Ekoro, Abule-Egba, Lagos State.


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