Education for Lasting Peace- International Day of Education 2024


Like the saying goes; ignorance is no defense. Education and learning play crucial roles in fostering lasting peace in a society. Right knowledge in all ramifications empowers rightly.

Here are several ways in which education contributes to peace:

  1. Promoting Understanding and Tolerance:
    • Education exposes individuals to diverse perspectives, cultures, and beliefs, fostering a better understanding of others.
    • Learning about different societies and histories helps reduce prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination, promoting tolerance and acceptance.
  2. Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills:
    • Education equips individuals with the necessary skills for effective communication and conflict resolution.
    • Problem-solving and negotiation skills learned through education can help prevent and resolve conflicts peacefully.
  3. Building Social Cohesion:
    • Education contributes to the development of a shared sense of identity and community, reducing social divisions.
    • Schools and educational institutions can serve as platforms for social integration, bringing together individuals from various backgrounds.
  4. Economic Stability and Social Development:
    • Education is closely linked to economic stability and social development, which are essential elements for maintaining peace.
    • A well-educated population is more likely to participate in the economy, leading to increased opportunities and prosperity for the society as a whole.
  5. Promoting Human Rights and Justice:
    • Education helps individuals understand and appreciate the importance of human rights and social justice.
    • Educated individuals are more likely to advocate for and support democratic principles, rule of law, and equal rights for all.
  6. Preventing Extremism and Radicalization:
    • Education can be a powerful tool in preventing extremism by promoting critical thinking and providing alternative narratives to extremist ideologies.
    • Inclusive and quality education can counteract the appeal of radical ideologies by offering a broader perspective on global issues.
  7. Empowering Women and Marginalized Groups:
    • Education empowers women and marginalized groups, contributing to gender equality and social inclusion.
    • Empowered individuals are more likely to contribute positively to their communities and less likely to resort to violence as a means of expression.
  8. Civic Engagement and Responsible Citizenship:
    • Education fosters civic engagement and a sense of responsibility toward one’s community and society.
    • Informed and engaged citizens are more likely to participate in democratic processes, promoting a stable and peaceful political environment.
  9. Long-Term Sustainable Development:
    • Education is a key factor in achieving sustainable development goals, including poverty reduction, environmental sustainability, and social equity.
    • Sustainable development contributes to the overall well-being of a society, reducing the likelihood of conflicts driven by resource scarcity or inequality.

In summary, education and learning contribute to lasting peace by promoting understanding, tolerance, communication skills, economic stability, social cohesion, human rights, and social justice. An educated population is better equipped to address the root causes of conflicts and work towards building a peaceful and sustainable society. For our country Nigeria that has been ravaged by conflicts, and attacks especially on our education system, right knowledge, education and learning is the way out.

To this end, FOH has ensured to carry out our education projects beyond ethnic, social status, gender or religious barriers, ensuring that education for all is a reality, creating a tool and a platform for all our beneficiaries.

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Happy International Day of Education 2024!

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