Project Back2School

The rate of poverty and insurgency is on the rise in Nigeria, especially in the Northern states. The increasing rate of family displacement has directly affected the number of out-of-school children. This increases the vulnerability of children to child labor and abuse, and subsequently social vices including substance use and abuse, etc.

FOH plans to relieve the Bwari community of this burden by; identifying children in this category who have completed their basic school; enroll them; and sponsor them through the three years of study in Junior Secondary School, as well as provide them with empowerment programs.

This project is aimed at supporting the education of children (primary school leavers) who are unable to further their education due to either their poor family background and/or displacement due to insurgency through their Junior Secondary School years (JSS1-3). The scope of the project covers: enrolment fees; uniforms; textbooks including mathematics, English, and basic sciences; school kits including sandals and school bags; transportation and lunch allowance; writing materials; and Junior school certificate examination fees. This is to ensure that beneficiaries are able to concentrate and perform optimally among their contemporaries in school.

The implementation of this project will increase school enrollment and improve literacy in Bwari community. This will in turn reduce child labor and abuse and other social vices. The project will also ensure holistic development of beneficiaries through the formal education they will access in their various schools as well as the leadership training and mentoring program that we will be offering to them.

Our goal is to see the beneficiaries acquire the requisite formal and informal skills to perform excellently in their chosen endeavors. This project is envisioned to be implemented in two phases: The Junior School Phase and the Senior School Phase. The Junior School Phase is expected to prepare beneficiaries for the Senior School Phase.

1. Eunice P. was picked out as the best graduating student from her primary school (2017/2018 session) and awarded a 3 year scholarship for her Junior Secondary School Education. Having checked records of excellent academic performance through her primary school years, she was therefore chosen to be awarded the scholarship in line with FOH’s mission to ensure that children are enrolled and aided to stay in school. Following the major challenge of children in that community which was inability to further their education due to lack of funds and finally dropping out after primary school, FOH decided to aid students in that school through scholarship.
Eunice is the first born of a family of 5 children. Her father, who desires that she continues her education by all means, has struggled continuously to ensure that she and her siblings continue their school and are well educated. The scholarship by FOH was timely for the family as it was a fulfillment of the hopes of her father that she would continue to further her studies even after her primary education.

2. Greatness B., a junior secondary school student who was very bright and intelligent, had difficulty paying her fees due to the financial challenges in her family, she was consistently sent away from school, and prevented from writing exams. FOH found her out in JSS 2, while she had been owing most of her fees in JSS 1, and stepped in to ensure she is well-settled in school and do not have to worry about fees.

We have 44 children that have passed through this scholarship from 2018 till date; 25 girls and 19 boys. 12 children currently in school for the 2023/2024 academic session.

Under this platform, we have 2 personalized scholarship fund has had 9 children pass through it. 6 children are currently enrolled in the 2023/2024 academic session.

Totally, through the foundation, 53 children have been offered scholarship. And totally 18 children are currently sponsored in school for the 2023/2024 academic session

To be a part of taking more children back to school, call: 07038111578 or send a mail to