The January 2023 edition of the Teens Leadership Club, held on Saturday, 14th January 2023 was a wonderful moment of mind enrichment. It was our first meeting for the year to set the pace for the remaining months of the year. Our teens came excited to resume meeting in the new year, and immediately launched out to take responsibilities, and participate in activities.

Our general class lesson for January was tagged “Values.” The teaching was centered on making our teens understand what values truly mean, positive and negative values, how values are formed, the importance of having positive values, how to write their value statement etc.

Grouping was also done according to areas of interest of our teens to further help build their individual capacities, while having fun and understanding the value of team work. Groups include; media, drama, writers, mathematics and public speaking group. It was an overall impactful meeting.

We addressed questions such as

  • What values are important to a life well lived?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • What qualities do you admire in others and work to cultivate in yourself?
  • What makes for true fulfillment and satisfaction in life?
  • Why do you want to succeed in life?

It was an interactive session with our teens as they shared their value statements with their peers and instructors. Responses from the teens during all sessions were impressive.

This year 2023, our focus is “Revisiting Values”. Our teens will be taken through different positive values that will shape their mindsets and inform their decisions as they grow into adulthood. With the rate of moral decadence in our society especially among young people, it is crucial that we bring our teens back to what is truly important in life, what are the positive values that can guide them as they navigate through life.


2023 promises to be a more impactful year. Our teens are in for a life changing moments. Every month’s meeting unveils more excitement and packages.

Our 2023 meetings will feature:

Public speaking sessions





Spelling bee competition etc



Do you know a parent or child in Bwari, FCT Abuja, and environs who need to join this club of seasoned leaders?

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At FOH Teens Leadership Club, we nurture confident, excellent, and values-driven leaders!!



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