By Anjola Oladele

Recently, in our interactions with some of our scholarship beneficiaries, to keep updated on the state of their academics and wellbeing. Some of them spoke on their need for more textbooks. And when we asked about how effective their school library is, they made us understand that even though  the school had a library structure, the libraries are filled with irrelevant books; books that are not related to what they are been taught in class.  Most of the books are outdated, and “books of History”. They said whenever they are given assignment by their teachers, and need to do more research on what they are been taught in class, they cannot depend on their school library at all.

Looking at this and the situation of the educational system in this country, we can relate well to it that majority of schools; both public and private schools in this country are ill equipped. How then can excellent students be produced? We can desire it but without working towards it, it will be fruitless.

While the management of schools and Government has to know that it is compulsory that schools be well equipped for the benefits of both the students and the country at large, they have a lot of responsibility in making sure that schools are well equipped so it can be up to standard to produce excellent students.

There are lots of implications on the students when a school is ill-equipped. The educational development of the students will be altered. The students won’t be able to do well in internal and external examinations.  Students in science class might be at a greater disadvantage because they make use of equipment more than their mates in other departments. Science students need a well-equipped science laboratory for their science subjects like Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

The students won’t also be able to compete well with their mates in other schools who are well taught with adequate equipment. They may also experience inadequate care, assessment and teaching methods from teachers because the teachers will be stressed trying to make sure they understand what they are been taught, because good teaching aids make teaching easy and well explanatory. If there are good teaching aids, the teacher will be more enthusiastic to teach the students because their work will be easier and they will deliver well.

The ill-equipped schools can produce excellent students with the following tips:

An ill-equipped school can make use of what they have while working more on getting the school equipped for the benefits of both the students and the teachers. It will be easy for the teachers to impact knowledge to the students easily because there are teaching aids to help learners relate well to whatever topic is been treated.

Private Schools can also get loan from financial organization to help them equip their schools. Libraries can be equipped by purchasing more books and updating it with more relevant books, equipping science laboratory for the science students in the senior classes and more. Public schools can reach out to the Ministry of Education by writing proposals showing details of what they need to equip the school with so it can be presented to the Government so that funds can be released to in making sure the school is well equipped and in turn, produce excellent students. The Government needs to be more deliberate about equipping government secondary schools library. So, the students can be able to research more on whatever they have been taught. The Government must ensure that the funds released for equipping schools is well monitored to avoid misappropriation or embezzlement.

Asides equipping schools, excellent students can be produced by making use of natural resources that they have in their environments as teaching aids. Natural resources like stones, trees, twigs, leaves, seeds etc. will make the students relate well with their environment and it will help to produce excellent students.

Schools either public or private should work towards making the schools well equipped for the benefits of their students so they can do excellently well in all ramifications.

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