Hopelessness grips many people today, the feeling of complete loss and absence of hope, not being able to achieve as much as you would have loved to, for some it is due to not having the capacity to, for others life has no meaning anymore. For so many people, life has gone from bewildering to discouraging to hopeless.

Hopelessness is a powerful emotion that often contributes to a low mood and may affect the way a person perceives him/her self, other individuals, personal circumstances around and the world at large. Hopelessness can also influence human behavior causing a person to have a negative view of the future.
This emotion is often associated with lack of inspiration, feelings of helplessness, abandonment, oppression and isolation which in turn leads to poor mental, emotional and physical health. People who feel no hope can feel frustrated, discouraged, heart sick, anxious, stressed and angry. Ever wondered why people commit suicide at all? This is the reason…Hopelessness, it is eating deep into so many lives.

Talking to the right person can help reduce the stress and could make you feel better. It’s our collective effort as individuals, friends, family, neighbour, community and society to touch someone around us with ray of hope, lift a burden, put a smile on someone’s face. Who knows? You might be helping someone from depression, saving someone from committing suicide. When you see someone in a ‘not too good’ mood, rather than add your own portion of anger or frustration to the person, show the person some love and help lift up the burden. If this cycle goes on and on, we will find out that many would feel better, suicide attempts will be reduced and more people will be happy.

In case you are asking how else you can give hope to people around you aside putting smiles on their faces and encouraging them, you can also do so by giving to those around you, food items, clothes, shoes, etc. Even if they are the used ones as long as they are nicely used, it can put smiles on the faces of others. One other thing you can do is to partner with other organizations that do this.

For us at Flickers of Hope Foundation, we are concerned about the total wellbeing of others, we want to see people bounce back again, smile again and live again. We want to light up lives with hope. You can partner with us!
For those that are going through hopeless situations, please don’t be silent, don’t suffer alone.

Reach out!

Hope for the Hopeless!

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