The Seed of Purpose: Redefining LIFE for the Hopeless


Every life is a seed, and every seed is peculiar in its form, color, shape and fruits. However, every seed when planted in the ground dies; and then live, first in obscurity, then in the light, for all to see. The germination process for every seed planted is determined by the available nutrients supplied to it directly or indirectly. For there to be a fruit, there must be a preceding seed, and for there to be a harvest, there must be planting/sowing ahead of time. Every human life is a seed in the hand of God as the sower and the planter of seeds. Every seed (life) originates from Him and in Him alone. The purpose and Will of God is the fruit(s) that He desires to harvest, which necessitates the kind or manner of seed He plants. God does not just plant seeds for the sake of it or for fun but for function, which is sourced in His purpose and Will.

He desired a covenant people called the nation of Israel – The Jews, and He sowed Isaac as a seedthrough Abraham, when He told Him, “in Isaac shall your seed be called”. He desired sons for Himself; He sowed the seed in Jesus Christ – His only begotten son, for more sons of God (fruits) to be harvested. Purpose necessitates the seed that God sows per time and at different locations. The reason you are peculiar and unique in your make-up and formation is not because of your family background, community set up or regional make up but because of the purpose of God in your time and generation. God has planted different seeds (lives) at different places and for different and unique fruits (harvest) for the execution of His Divine Will and counsel on earth. The purpose of God to rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem necessitated Him to plant a man called Nehemiah at that time and in that generation. A time for deliverance in the time of King Ahasserus, made a seed called Esther (Hadassah) pivotal for the harvest of the Jewish nation from the wicked plot of Haman. Every purpose in the heart of God prompts the release and planting of a seed in His hand into the world, for the performance of His will.

We are all seeds in the hand of the sower and the time of our sowing and purpose of our sowing are unique and different as the purpose that necessitates our planting, which is the will of God. We are all strategic seeds for strategic harvest at different locations and different harvest. The understanding of this will make each and every one of us to celebrate our unique make up and strategic placement and function. No man is less than another and no man’s purpose is more unique than the other. The reason is because we are all planted to fulfill different function and execute different purpose. Unfortunately in the world today, we find people (seeds) we feel inferior to others, because of different reasons. The understanding of why you are planted, where you are and the composition of your seed, will help you and I to not only appreciate ourselves, but will give us such peace through our germination and growth process, that money cannot buy.

Friends, we are in a time and generation in which purpose has been neglected and lives (seeds) abused and misused. There is a strong desire in the heart of God, for you not to join the statistics. No one can know and understand the nature and composition of the seeds in His basket, like the Sower. God is the Sower of your life and He picked you carefully from His basket of unique seeds, He knows your composition and nature. He understands you and the process you are going through and will have to go through. Today, why not allow Him have a life chat with you and let you into the details of the unique seed that He has sown on the earth, which is YOU!

About Omolara Adedeji

I am a Woman of God's Purpose in Nigeria. I Coach Women in Leadership for true National Emancipation. I am a Spiritual Identity Mentor & ED, Flickers of Hope
Omolara Adedeji
I am a Woman of God's Purpose in Nigeria. I Coach Women in Leadership for true National Emancipation. I am a Spiritual Identity Mentor & ED, Flickers of Hope
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