The January 2024 edition of the Teens Leadership Club, held on Saturday, 13th January 2024 (The first meeting for the year 2024). It was indeed another interesting and exciting moment  as teens returned from their holidays with so much fun and enthusiasm. Our theme for this month of January is tagged “self-identity”. The purpose of this lesson is to ensure that our teens are deliberate about who they are and how they see themselves, what they want to be known for and show to others in this new year as having a good perception about themselves will help them become better people by working on their weaknesses and improving their strengths, it will also help them develop confidence in themselves and give them the ability to make healthy choices in life.

Major Lesson Highlights:

  • What does self-identity mean?
  • Factors that restricts one from having a good self-identity
  • Importance of good self-identity.
  • How to develop a good self-identity

Quotes on lesson:

  • “Whenever you live lesser in your identity, you are cheating others of the great life that you carry”.
  • “In the process of becoming yourself, you could make errors but the ability to quickly see that this is indeed a mistake and learn from it, is the difference between those who will end up being successful and those who will not”.

(Silent Generals-July Excerpts- Mrs. KEMI ADETIBA)

Please Note That: 

Our teens club meetings are designed to inspire our teens on personal growth and development, building healthy relationship with others, learning to become better leaders of tomorrow and overall preparation for the future.

please do well to invite/recommend a child who needs to join this club and be impacted positively for a better tomorrow.

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