The Silent Generals is a platform for touching lives through personal stories, sharing life stories that will serve as encouragement to many people; especially the younger generation.

It’s a platform where we share real life stories of real individuals; people whose triumphs others can see but don’t know the hurdles and struggles behind the glory. Stories that serve as the core of who the individual has now become.

Monthly, we unveil amazing personalities, who are more than ready to take us on a wonderful journey with their stories.
And you know what? From the beginning of 2021, it’s been from one level of excitement to another. Mind-Blowing is an understatement!  
📌In January, we had the amazing Dr. Adewale Adeyinka💥
📌In February, our excitement heightened as we had the exceptional Pastor Morin Osunmakinde (Pmo) 💞 
📌And this month of March… really don’t want to miss this…

Guess who we have on board? The extraordinary  Raquel Daniels!💖💖
We are extremely excited!💃💃
To be a part of the conversation with Raquel Daniel on Tuesday, 23rd March, 2021, Kindly click to register here
Registration is free but compulsory.  Don’t forget to drop your questions!
Share with friends and loved ones, it’s an experience they will thank you for.
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Flickers of Hope is a Non-Governmental Organization with a primary focus on Education. We aim to educate, mentor, empower and equip young people, as beacons of hope for the nation.
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