Celebrating our FOH Personality for this week!
Weekly, FOH unveils and celebrates amazing and extraordinary personalities, those who  are making tremendous impact in their own little corners, who love education, support its cause and those who education has definitely helped to soar and shape their current realities.
Meet our personality for the week, Pastor Muyiwa Areo . Why is he on our spotlight this week?

Areo Olumuyiwa is an adept teacher of the word of God with contemporary relevance. He’s a man of unique insight; providing verity for a lifestyle of freedom in Christ. He is a creative thinker and a concept developer with an eye for details (excellence). An architect by training; a counselor and a guide to many. He was an Assistant Pastor in Jolly Christian Center and later chosen to be Associate Pastor of Christ Love Fellowship, Obafemi Awolowo University. He also served as an Associate Pastor at Deep Waters Christian Center, Surulere, Lagos.


He is the Lead Pastor of Citizens of Light Church. He is the President of Muyiwa Areo Ministry International (MAMI) which is the umbrella body for various ministries with the sole vision of making Men free through the message of freedom. He offers mentorship and guidance to many young people and redirects many to the right path.

Pastor Muyiwa is an exceptional personality to engage with. His thoughts on education: “A human life is like a seed that is planted.  Some seeds have an even greater advantage, which is called fertilizer. Education is the fertilizer of the mind. It causes your mind to blossom.

“One of the most important things that can happen to a man in his life is education; both formal and informal.” The formal education is the education that gives certifications. But also, there are books you read, lectures you attend, online courses you take, that will not give you any certificate but will actually be your greatest advantage in life.”

“There are some things in life you cannot do without proper tools. Education provides you with the right tools for life. Getting an education is therefore very important”

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