Read below an excerpt of our conversation with Pastor Morin Osunmakinde on the Silent Generals February Edition:


Many people blame their families for the outcome of their lives. We’ve encountered people that tell us, “I wish my family was Otedolas’ or Dangotes’. If it was, I wouldn’t have turned out like this”. Does the kind of family you were born into contribute for good or bad to the person you have become or your life experiences?


Pastor Morin Osunamkinde:

There are some things we don’t have control over, and one is the family we’re born into. You have to trust God’s judgment with regards to that. You can’t decide that. So, it is God that decides that based on your assignment and your purpose in life. He decides the best medium through which you should come.


 Even people who were born in dysfunctional homes, they didn’t choose that family. God chose that medium. So, even though you don’t have it all together, we need to trust God’s judgments in making choices on our behalf. So, He chose the family because He has the bandwidth for the bigger picture. We have to trust God that, “you know what you’re doing.”  When God has a purpose for you, He would ensure that everything works out in a certain way.


You wanted to be born in America but you were born in Nigeria, it’s part of the plan. It’s part of what you need for your fulfillment of your assignment.  And sometimes, you need to go through Nigeria, even though you are still going to America to be more relevant. But you will need to have your foundation in Nigeria. There are certain experiences you need to have in Nigeria that will shape you into who you are going to be in America.

Oh, “I wish I was born in Otedola’s family”. But here you are. You were born in Ajegunle or in Mushin, It’s part of the plan. Yes! You had a dysfunctional growing up. Yes! You were born to a polygamous home.


So, your life is not a function of whether you had the perfect environment or the perfect family. Some people were raised in homes where the fathers were terrorists and somehow growing up, they’re wondering how they were raised well in that  condition but it was beneficial for their purpose in life. God knows who and what such people would have turned out to be if they were not conditioned in that kind of family.


And I also want to add quickly, that it’s not even a function of your present life now because it’s not about your life, it is about several others that are connected to you.  So, when I say God sees has the bandwidth, he’s looking at the bigger picture that you don’t see. So, he is seeing your children’s children, how they are connected to you and connected to your lineage and connected to the assignment. So, He is calling you and bringing you through that family, it’s not just about momentary existence. No! it’s deeper than that. 


He can see everything. He’s got your past, your present and your future that he looks at holistically and decides where to put you, and everything is a function of your purpose. And your assignment.


So, when it comes to families, I always tell people, you cannot judge God unfaithful with regards to that. Because He is all knowing and is He is all seeing. He understands and he knows how to put us in families. Your mother’s DNA! Your father’s DNA! which even goes beyond your parents, your grandparents! Your great grandparents! They also affect who you turn out to be. That you exist in one village, it’s part of God’s plan and God’s agenda for you.


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Flickers of Hope is a Non-Governmental Organization with a primary focus on Education. We aim to educate, mentor, empower and equip young people, as beacons of hope for the nation.
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