One of the major problems the world is facing today, is the fact that many people, especially parents expect their children to behave what they have never been taught, or trained in. Of course, such expectation will not only fail, but the child who has no other way of learning apart from what he or she is taught, will keep living in the dark. Every parent is a teacher. To be called a teacher is not until you are standing with a book, chalk or marker, and probably a cane, before a board. As parents and teachers, it is an unavoidable duty to enshrine right values in students.

Every child is a representative of the home he has gone out of. Whatever he does outside the home and in school; the glory or shame will return back to the parents and teachers that are building him to fit into the society. For students to be of their best behaviour either at home or in the school, when they socialize with their peers, or engage in their academic works, it is necessary or essential for the parents and guardian to model life correctly before the students. Every good value or behaviour that is displayed by a student is traceable to teaching, training, and observation from parents, teachers, and peers.

As school resumes, and teachers in school strive to carry out their duties, parents should also not give up in teaching, training and guiding their children to embrace the right values. If any student will live in peace, and be productive in the society, there are unavoidable values that must be taught to such child, and not only that, such value must be preserved in him. They include:

Hard work and commitment to work. There is a popular saying that, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Yet, when this popular saying is flipped around, “All play without work makes Jack worse off”. Hard work does not kill anyone. It can only make anyone better off. Students should be taught how to take their school works seriously, with deep sense of commitment. Let their energy, passion and zeal, be directed into the right cause of action.

Respect towards others. Parents and teachers are a great influence on students in this regard. Parents should teach the students to respect their teachers and fellow students at school.  Being courteous should be a norm. Respect for everyone, especially all elders.  The opinions and lives of others must be respected irrespective of age, class, background or status.


Love for life and properties. Violence, destruction of lives and properties is not a good identity of a responsible person. Students should be taught to love others the same way they want to be loved. Without love in the world, there wouldn’t be peace in the world.

Corporation and unity. Students should be taught on the need and benefits of team work. Teach them to know that more work is done through team work, than individual effort in labour. This will aid students to appreciate the strengths of others and also work hard in their own strength.

The Attitude of Thankfulness. Students should be taught to appreciate the good things, opportunities and privileges that come to them, and not see it as a right. This will aid them not misuse opportunities and focus at school. The simple act of saying “thank you” at all times necessary is a good value to cultivate.

Truth. Falsehood is one thing that people now see as a norm today. Students must be taught the benefits of speaking the truth, and the harm of speaking lies, no matter the situation. If we desire a change as a nation, we must teach our students to embrace truth always and shun falsehood.

Trustworthiness.  Life is a failure, when you can’t be trusted. When people fear to believe you, it is good as losing the value of your identity. So, it is necessary for students to be taught this value.

We build our world by the same values we enshrine in students, who are seen as leaders of tomorrow. They will act the man and woman we build in them as teachers and parents. The choice is left to us, whatever effort we make today in training and preserving the right values in our students, that is the resemblance of the future we hope to see. Let’s join our hands together to build a functional and peaceful future for all.

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