Equipping Schools to Produce Excellent Students


by Anjola Oladele

A school is an educational institution designed to provide learning spaces and formal education, which is commonly necessary. In this environment, students progress under the direction of teachers. Most countries have systems of formal education through a series of schools. It is with utmost importance that schools have to be well equipped for excellent students to be produced. In turn, these excellent students are of great reward to themselves and their country at large.

An excellent student is an all-round student who does well academically, socially, mentally and psychologically. He/she has a good relational attribute with other students and with teachers. Excellent students protect the name of their country wherever they find themselves, and also give back to the country without compromise. Schools need to be well equipped to produce such excellent students, and there are various ways in which this can be done.

Schools can be equipped through Government grants. Either the State or the Federal Government can provide grants for the schools in the country. Since education is one cogent right of a child, the government needs to fully support the schools in producing excellent students.  The Government should pay teachers’ salaries as at when due, so that teachers can be well motivated to tutor students well.

The Government can make available essential materials needed to teach and enhance the learning abilities of students. Materials like books, classroom furniture, laboratory equipment, chalk board and many other essential materials. These materials made available to teachers will enable them deliver well in the classroom. Libraries and Laboratories should be well-structured and thoroughly equipped with relevant materials to meet the needs of the present times; keeping the students well-informed, eager to acquire more knowledge and able to compete favorably in the society.

Another means by which schools can be equipped and produce excellent students is by schools having strong administrative leadership. When schools have strong administrative leadership who know what to do, and carry out activities that enhance the total development of the student, they will produce excellent results. A good administrative management with excellent leadership that produces continuous guidance to teachers and students by setting appropriate examples for them will definitely produce excellent students.

Development of teaching staff is another way by which schools can be equipped to produce excellent students. The schools should organize regular training to improve the teachers on the job, such that teachers will be updated regularly, be well informed, and be good mentors to the students under their tutelage. Qualified staff alone should only be employed to schools so they will be able to deliver well and do their job excellently.

Finally, the stake holders of the schools which includes the teaching/non-teaching staff, the Parent/Guardian, the student [mostly importantly], the management should all be well involved as the school progresses and their opinions/suggestions should be taken and well considered to enhance the development of the school, and the equipping of excellent students.

All round equipping of both material and human resources should be a core area of focus as it will lead to the continual out pour of excellent students into the society.

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