On 30th March, 2021, Flickers of Hope Foundation in collaboration with CSACEFA (Civil Society Action Coalition on Education for All) and Malala Foundation carried out a community sensitization in Kuzhako community, Bwari Area Council, FCT Abuja focused on girl-child education. The meeting was graced by the chairman of the community, Mallam Bala Luka and major stakeholders in the community such as the council members, women leader, youths, staff of the community primary school, LEA Karava etc.

This sensitization was carried out in line with the global campaign by Malala Foundation to engage communities through relevant stakeholders for the purpose of advocating and sensitizing them on the importance of girl child education especially in a time such as this when the pandemic has kept schools closed and, in most cases, reduced the number of those that the facility can accommodate due to social distance.

It is realized that the girl child is always at the receiving end when such problems rare its ugly head as they are asked to make the sacrifice, in this case they are the ones that stay at home as a result of the pandemic.  It is important to know that education is a right and must be extended to all regardless of gender, women have proved to be a veritable instrument for economic growth and have proved to be agents of change in the society as we can see of those who are privileged to hold public offices; women are focused and creative, they can be trusted and always turn back to remember the home.

The program was anchored by the Executive Director, Flickers of Hope Foundation, Mrs. Omolara Adedeji with the CSACEFA present focal person, Mr. Abdullahi Sale and Deputy focal person, Mrs. Ene Grace Jonathan as frontline speakers and advocates in the program.

The sensitization centred on urging the chief, his council, and all stakeholders in to support the cause of the girl child in accessing education and to come up with very strict measure for defaulting parent even as government has made it possible for children to access education by making it free and compulsory for the first 9 years without any encumbrance.  The benefits of educating the girl child are enormous and beneficial to the larger society, therefore parents must as a matter of fact raise up to the challenge and make it possible for all the girls in the community access education without hindrance.

Different stakeholders spoke up on the different challenges faced in the community concerning education generally and the girl child to which solutions were proffered.

It was a fruitful meeting with stakeholders committing to work towards achievement of the common goal of educating the girl child.

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