It is true that the end of everything is better than the beginning, but whatever is never started at all has no expected end. In similar order, whatever is started poorly, or with lack of readiness, or act of unseriousness, might likely produce an end result just as it all started out. As much as the end of the term is very important; when students at all levels of learning will be returning home with their performance grade for the learning period, the resumption DATE should also be taken very seriously.

Most parents make their children believe that, the first week of resumption especially, is not important, it is a play week. The teachers are just getting ready, preparing the ground to set the ball (academic work) rolling. Some parents and guardians keep their children at home, away from resuming at the set date, up to the third week of resumption.

Knowledge is transgenerational; it is what is enshrined in our children and young ones as parents and teachers, that they know, understand, and are able to pass on to their children and next generation. Early resumption to school is a value that must be enshrined in students among other values. This is because late resumption is a form of disrespect to set authorities, and can affect students’ disposition to rules and regulations under other authorities. But we must do our part as parents and guardians to pass on to the students the values and the benefits that a student gets from early resumption. We must also model it to them as much as we can in all other areas. The benefits of early resumption to school cannot be overemphasized.

Early resumption to school helps a learner to be self-motivated for the term. There is nothing as important as carrying out a task with an inbuilt motivation and readiness for the task ahead of you. It keeps you focused. It keeps you lively. It keeps you onward looking and alert.

Early resumption keeps learners at a more competitive learning advantage than others who resume late for the term. Whether we like it or not, learning is competitive. If it’s not, writing examinations and grading of performance at the end of the term, will be useless.  Many students who resume late to school oftentimes lose interest for the rest of the term, when they realize that some particular students are outrunning them in performance, because such students resumed at school earlier than they did.

It helps to keep the learner up to date and detailed in all school work. He or she will not have to seek update from others who resumed before him or her. Imagine your child having the need to get lesson notes from fellow students, who had made some mistakes in the notetaking already. No matter how zealous the student is, he can’t correct what has been written and will definitely copy the wrong note and get incorrect information.

Early resumption helps to prevent learners’ involvement or interest in exam-malpractice. Every student likes to take pride in what he or she knows. It is as a result of lack of adequate knowledge for independence performance in examinations that gives rise to the negative attitude of exam malpractice. When all students resume at same time for the term, and all the students are taught the same thing by same teachers in their respective classes, and they ask all the necessary questions that is needed to be asked, there is that tendency that, exam-malpractice that has become both national and global challenge today in the education industry wouldn’t be there.

Early resumption to school will ultimately contribute to students cultivating the culture of being early at all times. Punctuality becomes a norm. Respect for other people’s time, and set authorities will be a part of them. It is our responsibility as teachers and parents to teach and train all students under our care to know what the right attitude is. Except they are taught, they wouldn’t know. By the time we are committed to making a child or learner see the many benefits that could be gained in resuming early for every school term, and we truly help and guide them to achieve them, they will practice it as lifestyle which will affect them as adults, and they will be able to pass the right values to others who will come after them.

Change is the business of all. Let this begin with you and I, as we rebuild our educational standard to an enviable state.

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