It was another productive day last Saturday, the 5th of February, 2022, as our teens gathered for the February edition of the Teens Leadership Club monthly meeting.

It was interactive, instructive, and mind blowing as new activities were added to the regular activities of the club. The general class aimed to boost the critical thinking and analysis skills of our teens, and to equip them for maximum performance at school, home and the society.  Later in the meeting, club members were grouped along three major interests where activities were purely practical-based. Take home assignments were also given; a book to read (from the Teens Leadership Club Library), a list of words to learn (to add to their word bank), and specific group assignments.

The general class theme for the month of February was “Critical Thinking”. Members were taught the meaning of critical thinking, the importance and benefits of critical thinking, how to develop this skill through creative and intellectual activities, Teens were also engaged in class activities, and fun games on critical thinking.

In our world today, Critical thinking is an essential skill required not just for adults but for Teens alike. Our aim is to educate, empower and equip them with practical knowledge to attain personal success, strive well, and contribute positively to the nation.

The three practical intensive group classes include the creativity group, media/ICT group, and public speaking group.

The participants in the creativity group were introduced to the concept of creativity and arts. Teens in Media/ICT were introduced to photography and taught on tips for taking informative shoots. And the teens in public speaking group were introduced to the concept of communication.

Our practical group classes see to grooming, nurturing, and refining talents. Our Teens have awesome abilities; we see to developing them for maximum productivity

The Teens Leadership Club Library caters for the reading needs of our Teens. Our club members borrow books monthly from the library. Our goal is to build a good reading culture, while helping to increase their vocabulary.

Feedback from our Teens showed it was a worthwhile meeting.

Every month’s meeting unveils more excitement and packages.

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At FOH Teens Leadership Club, we nurture confident, excellent, and values- driven leaders!!

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