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Love is a beautiful thing, it’s a feeling everyone wants to have. We have heard people say ‘I just want to feel loved’. Many at times, everyone needs it, be it the young or the old, even babies want to feel loved. This shows how important this subject matter has become. Love is key in this world, we really can’t deny it. The hardest of heart needs it. They’ll accept it irrespective of the hardness of their heart. It heals sicknesses because from love flows joy and a merry heart is good medicine to the bones. It heals the sick faster. Whether in the work place or in the community, family, among friends and in a nation. Love is very important. It cannot be overemphasized.
As a nation, we need a change of concept. Selfishness has taken the better part of us. Being a developing country, I think it has affected so much of our mindset that we have decided to also be developing in our heart and mindset. I believe it is the mindset of not having enough that makes us selfishly acquire all to ourselves and not ready to give out to those that we can obviously see are in need around us. We have just decided to be selfish in our own way, giving different excuses for this obvious selfishness.
Recently, I was reading the account of the terrorist attack on the 9/11 how that people across America sent money to the families that lost loved ones and how rescue workers and volunteers went to the New York and Washington DC to do all they could to help. But what do we have in our developing countries today, even those that probably decide to help out want “stipends” in return. Only few send monies to help out because of this same thought of ‘never having enough’. When exactly will we rise up for the common good of our neighbor and choose to help others with the little we think is never enough?
There are some categories of givers, it’s a good thing that at least, they are among the few people that have decided to show love and give out. They make sure to give to those they don’t see or have never seen. Yes! That’s okay but what about those people that are living around you in need of love and care, people you are aware of that have little or nothing to eat or wear? But you choose not to look at your immediate surrounding but instead focus on those ones in need that are far away, why? because you feel your desire to help people is far beyond your immediate environment but all over the country. This could be true but why not look around you first? Start with your next door neighbor in need and grow from there to reach the entire country.
Remember, never shut your eyes of compassion on others when you know of certain that they do need that help and they are not pretending. Support and encourage one another, that is the love motivation. Never for once think that you have nothing to give. Giving should not be centered to just monetary gifts, which have caused many to hide under the statement “I don’t have any money to give” but truth be told, everyone has something to give. You can give your time, energy, advise, a smile, a helping hand, a visit, an encouraging word, a listening ear. Look within yourself, give something, give in love. Give what you have. It is more than enough. It might be what the next person needs.

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Olabisi Obayomi
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