Every week, FOH will be unveiling amazing and extraordinary personalities, who love education, support its cause and whom education has helped to soar and shape their current realities.
This week, meet our exceptional personality, Dr. Adewale Adeyinka,
Dr. Adeyinka Adewale is an award-winning management scholar, consultant, business coach and social innovator. He is the founder of the Africa Social Innovators Network and is also the CEO of Thrace Advisory, a service firm committed to making social and economic impact through research, advisory, coaching and training.

Adeyinka holds a doctorate degree in Leadership, Organizations and Behaviour from the Henley Business School, United Kingdom where he is also a lecturer and the deputy director of studies in the department of Leadership, Organizations and Behaviour.

He is one who obviously values education and has come to embrace the many benefits and opportunities it gives. He also makes sure to encourage many young people in this regard. Interacting with Dr. Adeyinka is life changing. He believes in upholding high moral standards, embracing processes and understanding the purpose of trials in one’s journey through life.

His encouragement to the younger generation, “No great person fell out of the skies. Preparations can be going on for years in the backside before you get an opportunity to show.”
Another, “The best of any human being emerges through adversity

His book, the Parable of the Baker, is a must read for everyone and anyone. It centers on purpose, timing, process and success. The simplicity of the book, and depth of knowledge shared will give you a road map to the many questions you might be asking in your journey through life and purpose. We highly recommend it as your sure guide to living your best life.To ask your questions and make clarifications about the foundation, you can  call or chat with us via +2347038111578 or reply to our email.

Thank you for walking with us as we unveil our exceptional and amazing personality this week.
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