FOH MODEL CITIZENSHIP HANDBOOK: Raising Model Citizens as Beacons of Hope for the Nation


Every country of the world gets her best and most reliable country builders from within the same country. No country of the world entrusts her well-being, growth, development, and protection of the lives and properties of her citizens into the hands of strangers.

To the same measure that nation building is important so is citizenship education. Citizenship education is a vital pre-condition for rendering selfless service to one’s home country regardless of the place, position, or condition that any enlightened, informed citizen of a particular county find his/herself. And this is so true if we must build Nigeria as a nation.

Apart from securing a healthy society through creating an enabling platform for educating young ones on their privileges, rights and benefits as citizens of the country. Effective citizenship education will enable the young ones know the sacrifices that others have made towards the growth and development of this great nation, and the need to be committed to this same course through selfless service.

Today, our nation, Nigeria is faced with uncountable unrests, bandits’ attacks, corrupt and fraudulent activities. Without doubt, no wise citizen will love to scatter what his fellow country men and women are laboring to build. But when people are ignorant of their responsibilities to the course of the development of their nation, they will somehow become threats to this development. Definitely, when the value of a thing is not known, abusing it is just a question of time.

Major issues facing Nigeria and her citizens especially in this generation, are largely traceable to lack of or inadequate knowledge on good citizenship. On a large margin, many Nigerians are ignorant of their positions, privileges, responsibilities to support and promote the spirit of unity, peace, and progress in growing the Nigeria economy for the benefit of all.

The FOH Model Citizenship Handbook, a publication of Flickers of Hope Foundation, has been written and compiled in clear and simple language to adequately educate young people on citizenship. It is designed to feed the young mind with the right knowledge, enabling them to be aware of and understand their civic rights and responsibilities in the society and the nation at large.  The book is rich and capable of enlightening young people on their heritage as Nigerians, good citizenship, ethnic differences that exist and peaceful co-existence with other citizens of the country etc.

Certainly, every young person deserves a copy of the Model Citizenship Handbook, partner with us to publish these handbooks and get it into their hands.

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Flickers of Hope is a Non-Governmental Organization with a primary focus on Education. We aim to educate, mentor, empower and equip young people, as beacons of hope for the nation.
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