The February 2023 edition of the Teens Leadership Club, held on Saturday, 4th February 2023 was a great and educative time. Our general class lesson for February was tagged “Delayed Gratification.” The teaching was centered on making our teens understand what delayed gratification means, its importance, and how it relates to their life and the choices they make daily. The aim of the teaching was to guide the teens to make right choices of what is truly important, that will be of great benefit to their lives. And know when to say No, and wait when necessary.

We exposed them to related concepts such as self-discipline, patience, self-control etc. It was an overall impactful and interactive time with the teens as they shared on areas where they they need self-discipline, and will make necessary adjustments.


This year 2023, our focus is “Revisiting Values”. Delayed gratification is a topic under this theme. This is in line of achieving our goal for the year or reorienting our teen son important positive valued that will make for a fulfilling and impactful life.

Our leadership Club is aimed to inspire personal integrity, personal growth and the development of self-worth, embrace your authentic self and connect with others positively.

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