Team Dorcas Project

The FOH Team Dorcas project aims at reaching out to women and children in rural communities; we target on giving necessary training; equipping; counseling; caring for this women and also, providing them with useful items. We believe if the women are empowered, educated, trained and skilled. The home will be great and the nation at large. If a woman is empowered, the children are also empowered. We also aim at training the children unto godliness; through informal and formal training and helpful materials as cloths, food items, toys etc.

Our focus is the villages and small communities in Bwari Area Council, other Area Councils in Abuja, Other Nigerian States and Africa at large.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To redefine life for women.
  • To equip and empower the women unto fulfillment in life.
  • To carter for the need of identified children in communities and give them sound education.
  • To build value and re-orient young people
  • To train, mentor, counsel, empower young children unto godliness.

Key Stakeholders:

  • Flickers of Hope Foundation
  • Pastors and religious leaders
  • Community leaders
  • NGOs and Civil Societies.
  • Traditional and community leaders.


The scope of this project include:

  • Rural development
  • Equipping, empowering and impacting women unto relevance.
  • Providing godly and sound counsel to women and children
  • Provision of basic needs such as food and clothing.
  • Formal education for children

Beneficiaries/Target Population:

  • Rural communities in Abuja and neighboring states.
  • Women and children in rural communities