Parents Seminar 2024


The second edition of the FOH Parent Seminar held on May 1st, 2024 was a success. This year we hosted 32 Parents.

It was an enlightening and interactive time as we focused on issues that affect parenting and raising children in these times. Issues such as deliberate parenting; being in touch with your children at all times: physically, mentally, emotionally etc., being a safe space for your children, and not forgetting to care for yourself as a parent was discussed. A wonderful drama presentation was done by the FOH Teens Leadership Club Drama Group showcasing some negative parenting attitudes and its effects on the children. The seminar ended with a questions and answers session. It was an overall beautiful event.


See below an overview of the discussions with our Parents:

 Parental well-being

 Taking care of yourself as a parent; mentally, emotionally, physically etc.
 Staying refreshed in order not to burn out, so as to be there for your children
 Balancing taking care of your children and also caring for yourself


 Being deliberate about your child’s welfare

Being deliberate about your knowing about your child’s academics, school and every day activities
 Can you tell where your child is par time?
 Are you up-to-date with your child’s academic performance?
 How open can your child be with you about what goes on in their daily life, and school?
 Is your child afraid or open to share their successes, failures with you?


 Understanding and Embracing the individual uniqueness of your children

Avoid comparison among your children or other children
 Loving the child that you have
 Speaking the right words to your children
 Identifying their strengths/weaknesses
 Encouraging, supporting and being their cheerleaders
 Learning to listen to your child more than speaking always
 Being attentive to the signs that something is wrong with your child.


 Being a true role model to your children

 Let your children understand what your values are by showing it
 What do you want your children to see you do, and ultimately become?
 Being deliberate about speaking and doing


Drama Presentation from our FOH Teens Leadership Club Drama group

We had  a lovely drama presentation that added colour to our event . The  presentation portrayed lessons on avoiding comparison among children, being good role models, being present and concerned about your children’s welfare.

Questions we tackled at the seminar, for you to also ponder on as a parent:

-Some children think their parents hate them because of the way they are being disciplined, how can a parent balance disciplining your child and letting them understand that you love them while doing it?

 Many children are afraid to speak out to their parents because of fear of their parents’ reaction to issues, how can a parent react properly and make sure that their children are not afraid of them?

 What should be the right reaction or approach when your child makes a terrible mistake with perhaps grievous consequences?

 Give tips to help other parents balance being busy with work outside the house and in the house, and finding time to be there for their children

 When you live in an environment where you fear that other children around may be a bad influence to your child because of the character traits you see them exhibit, what can a parent do if moving from that environment is not possible at the moment?

It was an overall impactful meeting. Based on feedback, the Parents were grateful for the seminar and attested that it was very impactful.  We look forward to more impactful programs with the Parents, and to seeing positive improvement in our children (which is our overall goal).

View our Catalog and learn more on what we have our hands on this year 2024


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Flickers of Hope is a Non-Governmental Organization with a primary focus on Education. We aim to educate, mentor, empower and equip young people, as beacons of hope for the nation.
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Flickers of Hope
Flickers of Hope is a Non-Governmental Organization with a primary focus on Education. We aim to educate, mentor, empower and equip young people, as beacons of hope for the nation.
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