For young people starting a journey in their lives, what will you speak to them about how to navigate out of self, out of what they want, to something bigger than them, how can a young person translate?


Outside yourself, by yourself, you can hardly catch a compelling vision, and if you do catch a compelling vision by yourself you are going to burn out, you need a higher level to be able to help you achieve this thing. In order for you to get sold into a bigger vision, what you need to do is say, “God, Father, this what I have in my hand; this so-called business, a mandate, or career, I need you to put your hand on it and show me your dimension of this particular thing.”   That small business you have in your hand, that small idea, that mandate you have in your hand, everything you have in your hand, ask God to show you what His dimension is. So, God begins to show you a bigger version of that picture, that vision, mandate because everything you have an idea about most times is from God.

What happens to most people is that, once they get an idea, they begin to become very self-sufficient. When God gives you an idea or a vision, what He is trying to say to you is come up higher, meaning there is a bigger vision I want to show, but what people do is they begin to run with it, they believe they understand strategy, they believe they understand marketing, but God is saying, stand still, I will show you why I am telling you to come.

When God gives you an idea, a business, a strategy, He is saying come I want to show you how big this thing is, how I want you to do it, where I want you to go with it, when I want you to start.

Take that vision, take that idea, and submit it to God, to show you where, how and what you should use it for. Though you got the idea, and you may have some level of brilliance to run with that idea, you are going to depend on Him to show you exactly what He wants you to do and when to begin. Once you release it unto Him, He begins to show you a bigger part of that particular vision or mandate.


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