The February 2024 edition of the Teens Leadership Club, held on Saturday, 3rd February 2024 was another educative and exciting moment. The theme for our general class for February was tagged “Time Investment.” In line with our theme for the year “Time Investment as Teens” It was an interesting period as our teens got to know that, Time is a measurable period during which an action takes place or continues  and that Time if Invested well within a given time frame will definitely yield meaningful result. Our teens were also thought on those area that they need to invest their quality time – which include, their studies, learning a skill, healthy living, building good relationship with family and friends, helping others in need and lots more. They were enlightened on the danger of losing time as  time lost cannot be renewed nor recovered and that time is continuous entity that never stopped. The children learnt a lot of things including knowing how to prioritize their work and assignment in order to achieve maximum goal. “Time is indeed expensive; therefore use your time well”


Our quotes for the month of February:

“Time waits for no one, so use your time well”

“Time lost cannot be regained”


*Major Highlights on lesson:

-Characteristics of Time

-Why is time investment important to us?

-Ways you can maximize your time as a teen

-Short story on how to use time effectively


Other activities carried out include;

-Debate competition

-Critical thinking session

-Games etc.


It was an overall impactful session which we believe lessons were learnt to help our teens make use of their time well


Kindly note that:

Our leadership club is aimed to inspire personal integrity, personal growth and the development of self-worth, which will aid our teens embrace their authentic self and connect with others positively.


Do you know a parent in Bwari, FCT Abuja, and its environs whose child needs to join this club of seasoned leaders? Or would like to partner with us in impacting these great leaders? Kindly reach out to us or call 07038111578 for more information

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