Five Tips For Making The Most Out Of Online Classes   


The past global pandemics and other health issues necessitated the need for other alternatives to the acquisition of knowledge other than the traditional methods we are all used to.

Online courses have become the new normal after the Coronavirus pandemic. These online courses have been available before this time but have not been fully explored as they are now after the pandemic.

A lot of institutions, organisations, professionals, business owners, and government parastatals have keyed into the use of online courses to serve as a better and more convenient means of acquiring knowledge.

The change in the traditional means of acquiring knowledge and the comfortability that comes with taking online courses raises questions such as, are people really making the most out of these online courses? Is the wealth of knowledge on these platforms really been maximised?

Online courses are great reservoirs of knowledge served to us on the platter of gold and should be maximised as much as we can. To help you make the most out of online courses, here are what you should do.

1. Treat online courses like “real” courses
The fact that most of us in this part of the world are used to the traditional means of going to physical classes and seminars to acquire knowledge may be one factor that can deprive us of making the most out of online classes.

When it comes to online classes, you need to have the discipline to sit down just as you do in your physical classes and say, “I am going to work on this or read this to the end.” You also need to gather enough courage and determination to actually follow through.

Whether you are paying for the online courses or not, you need to focus as you would in a physical course. You need to be determined to get the best out of your online courses no matter what it takes since certain individuals have also taken their time to make those notes and videos available.

When you begin to treat your online courses the same way you treat your physical courses, then you will make the most out of it.

2. Eliminate online distractions
A key factor that prevents individuals from making the most out of online courses is distractions that are available on our mobile phones.

To make the most out of online courses, it is advisable you take them on your personal computer or laptop if you can afford one rather than on your smartphone.

This is because a lot of distractions arise when you take online courses on your smartphone. From the various WhatsApp chats seeking your attention to IG posts to tweets to various notifications on other social media platforms that you are on.

To make the most of your online courses, you need to eliminate all online distractions. If you can’t afford a PC for now, you can download all your online courses and make them accessible when your mobile data is off.

If you’re using your PC, it is advisable you turn your mobile phone off or put it on aeroplane mode so you can concentrate on your online courses.

Eliminate distractions and I guarantee you that you will make the most out of your online courses.

3. Be true to  yourself

Every individual on planet earth knows what works best for them in terms of learning. If you will get the most out of your online courses, you need to be true to yourself. Don’t copy others.

You need to know the time and place that you assimilate more. Not everyone assimilates well in the morning or in a noisy environment.

You need to discover what works best for you if you will make the most out of your online courses.

If you study well in the morning, stick to it, don’t copy your friend who studies best at night.

If you’re more of a visual learner, download your courses in form of videos, if you’re more of a listener,  convert your online course notes into audio.

Know this and know peace, not everyone learns the same way!

4. Participate actively
To make the most out of your online courses, you need to participate actively.

Participating in online courses helps you understand course materials more and it also provides opportunities to ask questions from your tutor.

If there is an available platform for discussion for the course, you should ensure you check into the platform daily to check the comments of your colleagues and tutors, you should give comments and ask questions if need be.

You should also take out time to network with your coursemates as they can be of great help in helping you make the most out of your online courses.

5. Have an end in mind
When taking online courses, you need to have an end in mind. What do you intend on achieving after taking this course? In what way will this course improve your professionalism or productivity?

When you have an end or focus in mind, you are able to put in your best in order to ensure that your vision or goals for taking the online course come to fruition.

You also need to hold yourself accountable or get someone to whom you can be accountable for your progress and performance in your online courses.

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