What is your definition of Education?

I will like to take mine from the Oxford English Dictionary which defined Education as “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university”. It also says “it’s an enlightening experience”.

Simply put, Education is all around us. Education is life itself. Asides getting it from a school or university, it’s an enlightening experience. From life’s first breath to the last day, we learn. So, education is learning daily, receiving and giving instructions, what to do and what not to do, how to act, how to talk, how to behave at different times and in the different sectors of life we find ourselves.

While it will be limiting to think that education is just all about being in the four walls of a classroom; under a tutor; and that to get an education, one would need to enroll in a school and go through years of study according to the courses already mapped out. Yet we can never rule out the fact that a certain level of education is gotten from the school system, it’s part of the lifelong education, it is part of the phases of education one should go through even though many might not buy into this idea. School na scam! I hear this even among secondary school students. That is definitely a wrong attitude to education. Why will there be teachers when there are no students? This system has existed long time before civilization, tutor-student experience. As much as we may want to run away from it, the school system is here to stay.

I believe that school is not just for learning from what are in the many books laid out for us. Among other things, it’s to build character, resilience, tenacity, the hustles in school stretches your brain to accommodate and handle pressure which tends to be more as one leaves a life of dependency – teenage or young adult life to an independent adult life. It won’t be out of place to say that many people while in school, found out their life’s passion and what they would love to pursue and focus on after school, many others even developed their love and business skills while at school, built long lasting connections and friendships that would later in life contribute to their life’s goals and pursuits.  So, school is just one part of Education itself.

Most of the duties I perform at my workplace, I didn’t learn at school but school definitely gave me the exposure and skills needed to perform well at my work. Therefore, it will be wonderful to embrace this aspect of life being in the school system, enjoy every bit of it as much as possible, knowing it cannot last forever, being grateful for the fact that many people yearn for this side of education, even have regrets for opportunities lost due to a lack of or incomplete formal education.

The mere satisfaction to just be able to read and write, speak properly all because of the priviledge of being in a school system and learning under many teachers for years makes it worth it. School is not scam! It’s gaining an aspect of education which is life itself.

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Benedicta Apeh
Benedicta Ngozi Apeh is one who is very passionate and enthusiastic about what she does and sets her heart to do. She is a resourceful and dynamic team player with the ability to also work independently. An experienced Program Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. Skilled in Nonprofit organizations, program development and community service. A strong community and social services professional with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Science  degree in Biology from University of Abuja. Currently the Program Officer of Flickers of Hope Foundation. A writer whose desire is to change, encourage, nurture and impact lives by her pen, and one who always looks forward to the attainment of success and fulfillment in her chosen career through continuous learning and harnessing of all available opportunities for growth.
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