The Oxford English Dictionary defined Education as “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university”. It also says “it’s an enlightening experience”.

It’s really wonderful to think of Education as an enlightening experience. Its mind blowing, an eye opening experience and it’s liberating. It’s a process. The presence of light excites and energizes, it gets more and most work done. So, if Education is enlightening, then it is definitely worth it. Whether in the four walls of the classroom,  in the comfort of our homes, in front of the television, under the tutelage of parents, teachers, elder siblings, mentors, good or bad experiences, we are learning and that should be the ultimate, to embrace all that education is, in the formal and informal sector.

Albert Einstein puts it this way “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”. Surely, we can’t remember all we were taught in school, every subject, every topic, every course but there are lasting impressions of school that will never leave us no matter what. That’s education, that’s the experience. It is enlightening. You could speak about it when asked questions out of the blues, you could even teach someone else, why? It’s there. Inside you! You are educated!

I am sure many people have multi-billionaires as their mentors who dropped out of the school system, perhaps unable to cope or not seeing the need for it in full pursuit of life’s dreams and purpose. Well, whatever influential position or level they have attained today which makes them really admired didn’t come on a platter of gold, they learned and unlearned everything they needed to reach the peak they operate in now. Not in the school system perhaps but they had to gain education somehow because it is vital. It is life itself. Therefore, no one is immune to Education, in the rural areas or in the city. There is a certain level of education, an enlightening experience needed to strive in both places.

It’s more exciting to know that Education is around us today, it’s at our finger tips than ever before, it’s been made easier by the outburst of technology aided by many social media platforms. However, as we embrace every form of education and opportunity it brings, it will be important for us to have the ability to know how to sift right from wrong no matter the influx of information calling out to us to take them in. It produces knowledge and knowledge is power. The right application of knowledge is most powerful.

So, the next time you think Education is just going to a college or university or school is not for you either, think again. Education teaches you how to live! Education is life itself! Embrace it! Enjoy it! Live it!


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Benedicta Apeh
Benedicta Ngozi Apeh is one who is very passionate and enthusiastic about what she does and sets her heart to do. She is a resourceful and dynamic team player with the ability to also work independently. An experienced Program Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. Skilled in Nonprofit organizations, program development and community service. A strong community and social services professional with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Science  degree in Biology from University of Abuja. Currently the Program Officer of Flickers of Hope Foundation. A writer whose desire is to change, encourage, nurture and impact lives by her pen, and one who always looks forward to the attainment of success and fulfillment in her chosen career through continuous learning and harnessing of all available opportunities for growth.
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