Education catalyst for transformation, says Ayade


The Cross River State Governor, Ben Ayade, has said education is a catalyst for transformation in the society.

A statement signed by Ayade said the Teachers Continuous Training Institute located in the Biase Local Government Area, would be the best in producing globally competitive teachers.

He said, “Education is the basis for more societal transformation and as a government, we place emphasis on the quality of teaching  and quality of research, hence this school.

“The Teachers Continuous Training Institute, the first of its kind, is intended to train teachers and continuously retrain teachers because the quality of students is determined by the quality of teaching and the quality of teaching is a reflection of the quality of training.

“When students are out of the university and get employed as teachers, they have no opportunity for further training, and no continuous training. So, the teachers themselves are sometimes not up-to-date even with the subjects they teach.

“This is because trends and research keep throwing up new findings, but unfortunately a teacher has no opportunity to update his knowledge on the subject matter, particularly when you are teaching in a village setting and away from the city centre like the capital of the state.”

“The institute is therefore, set up specifically to attend to the teaching needs of West Africa, to drive home the message of quality teaching because only through quality teaching that you can have quality learning which also translates to quality outcome.

“I am telling all teachers in Cross River State, in Nigeria and indeed West Africa that today you have been recognized as key persons in the value chain process of creating a better society.”

He explained that the state now had an institute which was not just there to issue a certificate, but to train and retrain.


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