Read below an excerpt of our conversation with Pastor Muyiwa Areo on the Silent Generals:

We want you to speak about the prevailing moral decadence and the place of good morals. How can a young person in the midst of all that is going actually stay true and say, “I want to be principled, I want to uphold high moral values?”



It almost looks like every generation is morally dropping the ball lower and lower and lower and lower.

I think as a young person, you first need to repose some level of honor and trust in yourself, which means believing in yourself. You should repose that level of honor and trust in yourself so much so that whatever anybody does, in your class or your generation, that seems trendy, that seems good. You can say, “Look, I’m of a different breed. I’m of a different species. Our journey in life differs. So, our route will be different.

You see, every influence, every behavior, every act leads to a certain end, you must know that. Actions, behaviors, belief system, and all those things, they are all routes that lead to a certain place. So, you need to ask yourself questions, these things that these boys are doing, these things that these guys are doing, where does it lead to? And if it leads to so and so and so place, is this where I also want to end? This is the first question every young person must ask. Every action is a route. Every behavior is a way that leads to a destination. And before I get on the route, let me ask, where does it lead? If I find out where it leads, then I can tell whether I want to go there.

So, I must have enough faith in myself to choose my own lane. I must have enough trust in myself to choose my own lane. It might not be a popular opinion but I think my lane most likely will be better than where these people are taking.

I believe that some youths know what is right but they don’t have enough faith and belief in themselves to follow that way. So, I think that as a young person, there is an inner voice, something very subtle, telling you not to follow those paths, telling you not to go with those people. And you must be strong enough to have faith in yourself and believe in that path because no matter how much good a route we show a young person, if the person does not have enough faith to follow that path, they will still go with the flow.


Sometimes, my first daughter goes like, “Oh, they’re not playing with me.” And I will call her and I tell her, “Don’t worry, they don’t have to play with you. You must realize that this life can be lonely and you have to play with yourself. And sometimes playing with yourself is the best thing you can do sometimes, in the sense that some of the people around you might not carry the same value as you are. So, you might need to actually play with yourself.” She’s eight but I’m always pumping that into her mind. So, I feel strongly that some people know what is right but you must have enough faith and belief in yourself to follow that path.

And I think the second thing that I feel is also crucial is the fact that to follow anybody, I think it is better you follow people who through their own journey have arrived at beautiful places in life. Your mates that you are trying to follow, that person is probably as ignorant as anything. But if you look ahead of you and see people who have actually walked a path, and you can see the peace in their journey, you can see the serenity upon that path, you can see the prosperity upon their life, then you can follow.

So, there is a set of people to follow, you should follow people who have obtained the promise of good life. So, ask yourself before I follow what these boys and girls are doing, where is it leading them?  For a person who is older, the beauty of following such a person is that your own future is their past, where you’re trying to get to is where they have left. So, I think wisdom is to follow somebody who your own future is their past. And so, it is easy for them to actually tell you about ditches, about pitfalls, about the places you should not put your feet in. Stepping away from moral decadence is easier when you follow people who actually by walking through life have a sensible outcome of their lives. Those of same age with you are still deciding not to do some things, and they don’t actually have, you know, a sensible outcome of their lifetime. So, why experiment with your life? Why would you want to actually use your own life to do the experiment? Remembering what I said earlier, on every route is a consequence, every part leads to a consequence, whether you like it or not.


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A Quote from Pastor Muyiwa Areo:

*No matter the weapon of greatness you give to a person, if the person has no vision, the weapon will be wasted.


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Flickers of Hope is a Non-Governmental Organization with a primary focus on Education. We aim to educate, mentor, empower and equip young people, as beacons of hope for the nation.
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