Many young people that are starting in life, tend to have big dreams, and big ambitions; this is who I want to become, and where I see myself in the future. But looking at it in the context of Africa-Nigeria, an average parent gives birth to a boy and says I want you to be a doctor, I want you to be an engineer; I want you to become a petroleum engineer or chemical engineer, most young people grow up with all these expectations from them. How do they balance this expectation and capture a vision of their own?

So, the majority of the time we live in Nigeria or in a continent where you may not even have a say over what your family says you should become? And you’ll find that most of us will go to school, and get the degrees. We don’t choose the families we’re born into, we grow into these families. But once we grow, it becomes our responsibility to begin to navigate the new areas of life that will make us become who we should be.  No matter the institutions that have shaped you up until now, that was your past. What you now need to do is, you need to align with the fulling that can help you sort out your past in alignment with your future. What that simply means is that you have gone to school, you have studied medicine. Your father says, go get a job as a doctor, and you are working as a doctor, but every day you go to work, you are seeing that I’m not meant to be here, or I’m just passing time here. Or, you have been sent to school, and you finish, and you got a job and work in a school, but your mind is telling you, this school, I’m not supposed to be here, I should be in ministry, but you recognize that there are bills to be paid, there is a family to be taken care of. There is a father that you need to send money to, all of these things are clashing with destiny.  As a young person, you now begin to ask yourself how do I navigate this thing?

The simple answer like I said, is to take this back to God and say, “Father you’ve created me, and when you created me, there was a manual.” Every human being on earth has a manual, it is like every car that comes from a manufacturer has a manual. A car begins to malfunction when things begin to go wrong in the overall architecture that the car was built. It will take them 20 minutes to look through their systems and pinpoint what is wrong because they built the car. I suppose when taking it to a mechanic, the mechanic will tell you, let us try this one and another one, you keep trying until the car breaks down finally.

It is the same way with you, your manual is in God. So, once you get to a stage in your life where you know, well you have done what your parent said you should, you are now a doctor, but your life still is not balanced because right deep within you, you see or you know that you will have to go back to the manufacturer to say, “you created me, Father. And when you created me, there was a manual in this stage of my life, where should I be? What should I be doing? How should I be doing it

And what this means is us coming into a level of relationship where He is Lord and mighty, meaning you dedicate your life to chasing and following after Him. My relationship with God is not I want to get this and go. Unfortunately, that’s how a lot of us use God. We go there, we pray and fast for three days because we want something done. And God in His mercy will give you what you’re asking for. But when you are done getting what you came to ask for, you become stuck again. Why? Because your relationship is based on, I want to go and get and I come out. So, you find that others are living their life based on articulation. It looks like they’re precise. They know where to go. They know what to do. Everything is adding up, why? Those people are spending time in that relationship.

So, as a young person who has gotten to that stage in their life, where it seems like there is a conflict between vision and your life right now, go and surrender to a relationship. Don’t just go and pray and ask God, what is my purpose? It is in your assignment that you find your purpose, meaning God, what should I be doing? Where will you have me go? Typical case study, Prophet Isaiah, the Lord said, who shall we send? He said send me, in him availing himself to be sent, see how God you used him mightily. Instead of praying, what’s my purpose? Say, what do you want me to do now with my life for your purpose? In you following him every day, He will tell you what to do because he wants to watch your faithfulness.

Because whether we like it or not, the system of the kingdom is also a governmental system. Meaning, that before responsibility is handed over to somebody, your stewardship, and your faithfulness will be tested.  So, it’s in every day to show up and pray on Instagram Live. And you think, oh, is that all about my life? I will just be praying. While you’re praying, doing it faithfully, God is watching. And one day He will just say, we want you to liberate Uganda. Let’s fix this girl who has faithfully prayed for 30days.

I want to say to every young person, stop chasing what is my purpose and start saying how can I be useful to your agenda? When Jesus was coming to the earth he did not say, what’s my purpose.  In the Godhead, who shall we send? Jesus said, send me. Meaning that, in the agenda of God, you make yourself useful. Once you make yourself useful, everything else would align for you. Whatever it is God wants to do with you will begin to manifest. So, that’s really how I want young people to begin to live their lives, in deep relationships, fellowshipping with God, and availing themselves to be useful to His purpose in life, because it’s not really about you, you weren’t sent here because of you. You didn’t know you were going to exist, you came from somewhere. And once you have that understanding, your job is to go back from that place where you came to say, why did you send me here? What question would you want me to go handle on your behalf? And as we’re going there, it begins to unwrap.

And in my case, very typically, every day is an assignment. When God said it was Africa, I did not know how because I was busy doing intercession for different countries.  But like I said, once you begin to align with him in a relationship, he begins to send you every day to do different things. And based on your stewardship, your faithfulness with those assignments, it now determines how He’s going to establish you.   And the scripture says something about King Jehoshaphat that he chased after the heart of God with every desire, and what did God do? He established his kingdom.

So, for you to be established on the face of the earth, you need to chase after the heart of God, have relationships, fellowshipping, do the things He wants you to do, then every other thing by way of your life, will be sorted in Him.


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