Who We Are

Flickers of Hope Foundation (FOH) is a community based, women-led, non-profit organization established in 2010 focused on impacting women and young people. Our programs are primarily centred on value re-orientation, advocacy, education, empowerment, entrepreneurship, sexual reproductive health and rights of women and young people to the end that our beneficiaries improve their standard of living and realize their full potential. Our core is the empowerment and transformation of individuals, communities and societies.

FOH works with individuals, communities, governments, and other partner organizations at various levels to implement her programs and achieve maximum impact.


The vision of FOH is an empowered and transformed society


The mission of FOH is to empower through research-driven capacity building, advocacy and networking to transform individuals and communities.

Our Core Values

CommitmentWe are relentless and dedicated to the empowerment and transformation of lives. We are selfless and passionate, keeping to our promises and holding on to our obligations. We ensure that we work hard to achieve our set goals, planning ahead with a clear vision and mission.

Impacting lives – We impact by increasing capacity, enriching and empowering our beneficiaries to the end that they improve the quality of their lives. Individual well-being, community and societal transformation is our priority.

Sustainability We set strategies in place to ensure that our programs continually impact our beneficiaries over a long period of time.

Accountability- Our word is our bond. We are responsible and answerable for our words and actions to our stakeholders. We are clear about who we are and what we do.

Embracing change- We are flexible in carrying out our projects and activities while staying fixed on our set goals. Continually reflecting, engaging new and innovative technological approaches in order to achieve maximum impact within the framework of our vision.

Strategic Objectives

Provide education as a tool and platform for empowerment

Improve service delivery and policies implementation through advocacy

Improve living conditions of communities through women and youth empowerment, and access to information

Boost economic opportunities in disadvantaged communities through skills development and livelihood opportunities.

Advocate for the rights of women and foster gender equality

Improve wellbeing of individuals and communities through basic health and sexual hygiene education and materials

Mentor, equip and re-orientate individuals on values that help raise beacons of hope for the nation

Thematic areas


Gender and women rights

Women and Youth empowerment



FOH investigates and compiles relevant facts on issues affecting women and young people in order to improve service delivery and influence policies. Our research allows us to find the right solutions to key issues in our communities by providing facts that will help us analyze the problem, test feasibility and impact of our programs, and find better solutions to the challenges.

We carry out our research with the knowledge that citizens’ lives will be transformed and the society will function efficiently and effectively if decisions are made based on valid reliable information.

Capacity Building

FOH empowers communities and stakeholders through training, giving of scholarships, mentorship and counselling. We provide knowledge on various social issues and skills development programs to target groups, in order to improve their wellbeing.

Also, conducting training for our staff and volunteers to further equip them with relevant skills and expertise in order that our work is carried out more effectively and efficiently for the actualization of our ultimate goal.


FOH carries out advocacy, which plays an important role in winning support for our program and cause. Our research-driven advocacy helps in strengthening our arguments and provide information, so as to influence change in policies that affect the wellbeing of our target population.


FOH exchanges information and ideas with people of common interest, in order to foster the achievement of our vision and mission.

We collaborate with individuals, private sectors, civil society organizations, the government, and other developmental agencies towards building a resourceful and sustainable network. Also, building a community of volunteers committed to social reformation.


FOH distributes educational and other relevant publications for value reorientation which ultimately leads to a renewed mindset; raising beacons of hope for the nation.

List of Board Members

Adewale Adeyinka

Gboyega Adedeji

Excel Uchenna Chibuike-Esiogbu,

Membership Organization




Account Details






Project Back2School was launched in 2018, with the objective of taking indigent children off the streets and sending them back to school. FOH did this by identifying children in this category in Bwari community who have completed their basic school; enroll them; and sponsor them through the three years of study in Junior Secondary School. This Project is therefore aimed at supporting the education of children who are unable to further their education due to their poor family background.

We also ensure that the children’s development is holistic by not only seeing to their academic progress and general wellbeing but also conducting monthly life development and leadership trainings, to see that the children are groomed and mentored rightly unto a balanced adulthood.

This Project caters for enrolment fees, school uniforms, textbooks, notebooks for maximum concentration in school, including yearly trainings.

FOH Scholarship Fund is a project under the Back2School project, which aims at taking more children off the streets and back to school. This involves the creation of a personalized scholarship fund by individuals where the fund is named after them or their loved ones

The Lift Empowerment Project is aimed at supporting the tuition fees of students in the Tertiary Education level.

The Teens Leadership Club which is a mentorship platform for children within the age of 9 to 19. The platform provides leadership trainings, vocational training and distributed value orientation handbooks, writing materials and ID cards to attendees. Also, we have  a Teens Club Library under this platform which gives access to club members to borrow books. This is to encourage reading and literacy among young people.

FOH Informal School is a tutorial-based program for adults and teens alike. Targeted at those who cannot read and write or have been out of school for a while. It offers refresher courses to those that probably want to return back to school or seek better employment.

Silent Generals is a platform for sharing real life stories of life stories of real individuals. Life stories being told by the individuals themselves. This aims to educate the younger generation and give hope to many through stories shared. This is done through online interviews and written documents and a compiled book of individual stories.