About Flickers of Hope Foundation

Flickers of Hope Foundation is A non-profit, NGO registered with the corporate Affairs Commission RC 43149 on February 2011.The Organization was established primarily with the burden to give hope to the hopeless removing young hawkers from the street and putting them back in schools, giving scholarships to orphans, guiding the young unemployed youth to be financially and intellectually empowered and gainfully employed while discovering their innate abilities and gifts, ensuring widows are being taken care of in the society and have a reason to live again despite and in spite of challenging situations, putting smiles in the faces of all.

The initiative is targeted at defining LIFE for young people who have lost the true definition of life. They exist without dreams, goals, aspirations or purpose.

FOH works at achieving Sustainable Development Goals 1-5, we work in 5 states namely Kaduna, Niger, Nassarawa, Kogi, Osun at the FCT.



A generation where goals, aspirations and purpose are fulfilled


We exist to redefine life for the hopeless by building the value of education, re-orientating young people and empowering women.


Aims and Objectives

  • To build the value of education
  • To redefine life for the hopeless
  • To build value and re-orientate young people
  • To raise a new generation of hopeful Nigerians
  • Removing indigent children from the street back to school
  • To cater for the need of identified children in communities and give them sound education.


Thematic areas

  • Education
  • Poverty Alleviation for Women and Youths
  • Health and Nutrition




Training & Empowerment

  • A 1-day leadership training for prefects in 5 Junior Secondary Schools per session
  • A 1-day educational film show for prefects in 5 junior secondary schools per session.
  • 2 weeks intensive vocational trainings for women and youths
  • Distribution of educational and inspirational publications and articles to students in school


Mentorship & Counseling

  • A one-on-one mentorship platform for women and girls in challenging situations
  • Scholarship
  • Offer full/ partial scholarship to students in schools for the continuity of their education.
  • Remove young hawkers from the street and sponsor their education.


Grant Making

  • We partner with other organizations with similar interest,supporting partners and projects by providing them with small grants to fund programs fully or partially.
  • The foundation works through these grantees to achieve the aims and objectives of the organization in the thematic areas.


Our Values

  • CommitmentWe are committed and dedicated to seeing the lives of people improve. Being selfless and passionate about what we do, keeping to our promises and holding on to our obligations.
  • Excellence- We are good at what we do, improving every day. We keep our word and maintain a high standard of service and integrity. We strive to deliver with value relevant solutions to the challenges in our thematic areas, not just pursuing hope but doing it well.
  • Service- Our goal is to serve humanity by working hard for the benefit of the people we set out to impact.
  • Impacting lives- We focus on touching the lives of our target population, making sure their lives are affected positively and for the better. We bring about several initiatives that impact lives within and outside the organization. Individual well-being is our priority.
  • Sustainability- We ensure that we work hard to achieve our set goals, planning ahead with a clear vision that is consistent with the SDG Goals. While it can be sustained over time thereby creating lasting impact.
  • Accountability- We are responsible for our actions and accountable to their donors, members and beneficiaries.


Our target

  • Children
  • Youths
  • Women

Membership Organization





Our Projects

  • Team Daniel Project

The vision of this Project is to provide Education and Empowerment of young Nigerians which is in alignment with the vision of the foundation,where goals aspirations and purpose are fulfilled. The activities of the project are aimed at working with driven individuals, organizations and stakeholders with passion to empower young people by building the value of education and re- orientating young people, raising a new generation of hopeful Nigerians, removing indigent children from the streets back to school (in conjunction with Team Dorcas), catering for the need of identified children in communities and guiding them to have sound education. These are to be achieved through research, trainings, distribution of publications, mentoring and counseling.


  • Team Dorcas Project

The FOH Team Dorcas project aims at reaching out to women and children in rural communities; our target is giving necessary training; equipping; counseling; caring for these women and also, providing them with useful items. We believe if the women are empowered, educated, trained and skilled, the home will be great and the nation at large. If a woman is empowered, the children are also empowered. We also aim at training the children unto attaining good moral values; through informal and formal trainings and the use of helpful materials such as cloths, food items, toys etc.









About the Founder


Flickers of Hope Foundation was birthed from a passion fueled by many experiences of the founder. One of which was meeting a young boy in Abuja who had come from Jos to work in order to sponsor his education. He was the 10th child out of 11 children with no funds or help to further his education. His older siblings had resorted to farming but he was determined to be educated which led to his working in order to fund it. The amount of money he needed to work for, to further his education and for which he had to travel that distance was ‘ridiculously little’ and he even had to stay out of school for a session to raise it.

This got the founder thinking of many other children like this boy, who would love to be in school but have little or no means to further their education, hence the birth of the foundation.

The vision is therefore to see that many young people that are in similar situations with a passion to be educated and also, have a better life are supported and encouraged to stay in school and ultimately, given hope to help fulfill their dreams.



For inquiries and more details on our projects OR how to be a Member or Donor

Visit us at Suite 5, Joem Plaza, Behind Mobil Filling Station Dutse Abuja., 08034455678, 07038111578